Elektrostatik Boya Tesisi

Electrostatic Powder Painting Process is carried out in our facility in accordance with Qualicoat standards. Our renewed production line, working with the latest technology, enables us to meet the high quality expectations of our customers in the best way. By working with the leading paint suppliers in the industry, we are able to supply and manufacture all Standard RAL colors as well as special colors upon customer request. We guarantee the highest quality with quality control processes at every stage of production. Some of the possibilities offered by our renewed powder painting line are as follows:

• Completely enclosed static powder painting line. (to block dust and other debris on the surface).

52 hanging units.
• Dosing unit supporting chrome-free surface pretreatment.
• Continuous cleaning of carriers.
• Production line suitable for painting products up to 6 meters.
• PLC automated cranes.
• Conveyor speed capable of dyeing 4 meters per minute.
• Box type (Power and Free) furnace system.
• Quality paint equipment (Gema).
• Computer aided infrared system.
• Photocell controlled 16 painting spray guns.
• Production capacity up to 600 tons per month.