Extruison Line

In our extrusion lines of our facility, aluminium pipe profiles, which differ according to their intended use, are produced for various sectors. The extrusion process can be briefly defined as forcing the heated aluminium billet to pass through a mold and, meanwhile, taking the shape of the mold (mould) and extending it into pipe profiles. There is 1 press line in the Extrusion Section of our facility. Aluminium billets used in our extrusion line are made of first class material and special alloy pipe profiles are also produced in our facility. In our Extrusion Lines of our facility, aluminium pipe profiles up to 14 meters long can be produced in different alloys for architectural or industrial use. In Our Extrusion Line it is also exist the following systems:
Billet Brushing System: It has been established to clean the billets in order to obtain better product quality.
Artificial Aging Furnaces: Provides flexibility to achieve different hardness levels.
Mold (Die) Polishing Machines: It provides to prevent extrusion lines in high gloss products.
Speed Control System: It prevents colour differences after anodizing.