Continuous development and improvement of our effectiveness - The main purpose of our company is to continuously improve and improve our efficiency in the industrial sector and to continuously improve our operational activities in all aspects. In this context, the main condition for the success of our company is the presence of our loyal and quality-oriented partners, leading and reliable suppliers, and also the contribution of our demanding customers. OUR GOALS: • Perfect and dynamic sales management. • More and more satisfied customers. • Efficient resource allocation. • Continuous improvement of our products.


By keeping up with the latest technology and employing fully trained personnel, we achieve continuous innovation in our aluminum profile (billets) production.


The highest quality of our product is an indisputable fact deeply ingrained in our work culture and its parameterization is the most reliable way to achieve this. • ACM Industry, for us, can be explained as the excellent quality of our products and the high quality services we provide to our customers. • Although the percentage of our on-time deliveries as a company is well above the market average, we are working for the record of the shortest production times and delivery times for the European market and we achieve this goal. • We also try to respond to any questions, requests or technical clarifications from our customers in less than one business day from the time we receive them..


For Acm Industry, the environment is a valuable asset that must be passed on to future generations. For this reason, we give importance to energy saving, recycling and production based on the least possible amount of emissions in all our actions and activities. We are working to increase environmental awareness in our activities.


We believe that our workforce is the most important asset our company. That's why we invest in the training of our employees and the health and safety standards of our workplace. We also recognize that the health and safety workplace is essential to creating high quality products. The technological superiority of our equipment is a challenge for all of us. So that we want our staff to be highly trained and up to date with the latest developments in the aluminum industry. For this reason, we have established and maintain a continuous training system and self-development system for all our personnel through ongoing seminars at home or abroad. These systems enable us to benefit from the technology, while promoting professional development for the wider social environment.


It is the basic principle for ACM Industry to have no work to do our customers (to produce all kinds of solutions in advance). Our company initially designs and produces the aluminum profile (billets) in a perfect way. Afterwards, it manifacture the product as it wishes by taking advantage of the suitability of aluminum.